Centers' Little Helper

Dennis Hans, unrenowned former adjunct professor of mass comm and American foreign policy, relentlessly exposed the Bush administration’s “techniques of deceit” BEFORE the Iraq war, when it could have made a difference (see links). For decades he has fought baseball’s discrimination against lefthanded infielders and promoted his ingenious clockwise solution. A lifelong advocate for a flowing, non-brutal, flop-free NBA, he now champions the cause of its second-class citizens: the centers.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

How I’ll (again) help Shaq at the stripe

That’s the title of my latest essay on Shaq’s ongoing free-throw woes, posted March 12 at

As I’ve told the Miami Heat repeatedly for the past two seasons, Shaq cannot “repetition” his way out of his trouble at the stripe, for his current delivery is the problem rather than the solution. He entered the NBA in 1993 with a fairly conventional grip and stroke that produced a nice arc and ball rotation. But he abandoned or lost the hang of that delivery within a year or so. Eight years later he had some success with a completely different and decidedly unconventional — but compact and pressure-proof — delivery. He lost that, too.

There are a variety of ways he can get back on track, and I propose one such path in the essay. Feel free to pass it along to Shaq or his coach, Pat Riley. As I explain, things worked out pretty well two years ago when Shaq’s coach in L.A. paid heed to my advice and passed it on to Shaq. Alas, that Laker team blew up before I could be of even greater help.