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Thursday, February 16, 2006

NBA’s 60 Greatest

This weekend, as the NBA holds its All-Star game and celebrates its 60th anniversary, TNT will mark the occasion by adding to the league's roster of all-time greats. The NBA produced its list of the 50 greatest in 1996, when the league turned 50. TNT's "experts" — Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley, the flopper twins Doug and Reggie, and a few others will put their heads together and come up with 10 current and former players who deserve to be added to the 50 greatest.
I've beat TNT to the punch with my list, just posted at HoopsHype. Mo Cheeks, DJ, Gus Johnson, Adrian Dantley and Artis Gilmore may be shafted by the strange, inscrutable Basketball Hall of Fame, but they all get credit from the expert who, in a just world, would matter most: me. I only wish I had room for such stylish and distinctive scorers as Alex English, Bernard King and Bob McAdoo, who are among the many near misses and honorable mentions I cite in the piece. It was particularly hard to choose among Dantley, English and King, three small-forward scoring machines. I probably should have put King at least a group higher in my hierarchy of near misses. In his prime, he was phenomenal and unstoppable with his quick-release J, as one emailer has already reminded me.


At 6:49 PM, Blogger beautiful cynic said...

You know, we would have said the same thing about these players after their first 2-3 years in the league:

Grant Hill
Penny Hardaway
Vince Carter
Alonzo Mourning

there's a lot that can happen before Wade and LeBron are worthy of that kind of listing. No Garnett?

At 8:00 PM, Blogger Dennis Hans said...

it's a crap shoot, but TNT's ground rules called for considering young players. Wade and LeBron are built strong, but anything can happen. Just ask Zo. KG is close, but no cigar.

At 1:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a moron. Wade and Lebron in front of Kobe for the new top 20-25 basketball players. You are into the 'new' style of play...that likes players that have never won. Great choice. Kobe is on a worse team than either of those kids and trying to make his team better. Those two have better teams. Moron.

At 1:23 PM, Blogger Botalley said...

Man your article titled "Meet the NBA's 51-60 greatest players" doesnt make sense if you look at what real players have done in the league you have to be crazy not to choose DENNIS RODMAN (who truly should have been in the top 50) and Kevin Garnett. Rodman led the league 7 consecutive years in Rebounding which is an NBA RECORD. He got defensive player of the year 2 times and was on the ALL DEFENSIVE 1st team 7 times. Not to mention he has rings. There are atleast 20 people in that top 60 who have not achieved more in the NBA then this guy. OH NOT TO MENTION he has 5 rings. You all got to be kidding, look at the name of the guys you all are listing. OVER RODMAN, a man that stands at 6ft 8inches and averaged 18.7 boards in one season, in a league that had plenty of 7 footers (unlike WILT TIME, no disrepect) you writers need to look at REAL STATS man and stop voting for FAVORITES and FRIENDS. Now these last 10 players you named please show me who has done better. RODMAN
should have been in the top 50 his NBA awards are more "valuable" then any of these other mediocre cats you all listing. I played ball and I know defensive win championships, offensive wins reputation and I can tell by the name you all listing. Did you all know RODMAN winning percentage is better then JORDAN, WILT, BIRD....come on do better research man you all have to be kidding me.

Now KG - I have not much to say, but LEBRON JAMES (outstanding so far and DEWAYNE WADE) HA you have to be kidding me. DEWAYNE WADE? Let me guess he gave you some converse? Man Dewayne WADES done nothing in the league, maybe won two games for miami. You sports writers have to be kidding me. DEWAYNE WADE? LEBRON IS GREAT, but not better then Garnett lets not getted twisted. This is a man who consistently avg. 20 plus points, 10 plus boards, 5 plus assist. At 6ft 11inch some argue he actually 7ft. Him, bird, and the Big O are the only players to do it what 5 times or more in a ROW. WHen you all start adding PLAYERS to a list, list PLAYERS that are CONSISTENTLY doing things that has never been done before. Not just one good season, one good game, llllooonnnggg mediocre careers, but things that make you say wow..Like Karl Malone he just played in the league long enough to tally up points, that makes you special? Or does that make you DOminique WIlkins. I think I could be
a sports writer or maybe not because I wouldnt write in favor of friends, or HUMOR because thats all most of you all articles represent. I will write off stats, which is the truth, I guess thats why movies like HARRY POTTER will attract more viewers then the History Channel. A stretch of the imagination.

At 3:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must agree the previous posts put up on this blog. Lebron and Wade are good, but they still have a lot to prove. I honestly think he put that in there to get people to respond like we are. But Dan should know in his right mind that those two kids do not belong yet in the top 60 players of all time. Maybe when they come around to the top 75 they will be a shoe in. Neither one has won a championship or an mvp yet. Nor has either one made first team all nba.
I think when they meant younger players they were talkin about people like kobe, kg, mcgrady, ray-ray, vince. Not your recently drafted studs such as lebron, melo, and wade. Just some food for thought.

At 3:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

reggie miller not on the list what up with that.

At 11:08 AM, Blogger Artis Advocate said...

Artis Gilmore not in the Hall? I don't understand. Isn't it time to make this right?

At 1:57 PM, Blogger Nick said...

First off, I like your blog! That being said you calling Tim Duncan shaky in the clutch is probably about as ridiculous an analysis of basketball as I have ever seen in my entire life. Not Clutch? I guess 3 titles and 3 NBA FINALS MVP's arent very clutch. Let's see who you put in front of him: Kobe (scores 60 a night team loses), Wade and Lebron? If this list was about the best shoe commercials or who had the most highlight's opn ESPN I would give it to you but when you're talking overall basketball ability, I feel Tim Duncan is top 10 or at least top 20 all-time! Maybe the Spurs don't play in prime time every night and there usual 60 win seasons despite having a coach that plays star players no more than 30 minutes a night! They are so dull and uninspiring blah..blah..blah SAVE IT! He is one of the best ever not number 57! Pull your head out and realize that and I really do like the blog.

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